Mazhar Choudhry

Solutions Architect

About Mazr

Mazhar has years of experience in digitally transforming customers with hands-on experience in architecting and coding digital solutions for medium to large enterprises in Transportation, Retail, Banking, Gaming, Medical, Government and Software industries.

Mazhar also building a social commerce platform. As a sportsman he lead a cycling expedition from Ottawa to Toronto, founded a Cricket team and won a competitive tournament, loves Cycling, Rafting, Boating, Fishing, Cricket, Skiing and Snowshoeing.



Hand-on experience of Architecting, Orchestrating implementing and deploying Polyglot Microservices via industry best DevSecOps practices and CI/CD pipelines for customers like CN, CloudOps, Ludia, SGI and Aldo


Big advocate of API First approach to untangle complex systems and increase usability, visibility and integrations of otherwise corporate silos. Have worked with GCP Apigee, AWS API Gateway+AppSync, Azure API Gateway, Ambassador and WSO2 management platforms.

Cloud Native

When it comes to cloud, Mazr believes in being cloud native technologies and being cloud agnostic. Helped customers picking up techstacks and workload deployment platforms within cloudnative ecosystem.


Mazr has hands-on experience Architecting and leading Unified Commerce (Online + Store) initiatives and helped customers like CN and Aldo with Digital Transformation of their ecommerce systems.